Levy's Stripe Soundhole Ukulele Strap MX23-001

Levy's offer a huge selection of instrument straps in cool styles, all made in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Their ukulele straps are available in 2 types.  Soundhole straps clip on to the rim of the soundhole of the ukulele and can be used on any ukulele, but are needed for ukuleles that only have one strap pin installed (our Honu series has only one strap pin by default, adding a second strap pin is an option with additional charge).  Strap pin straps attach to the strap pins at the base and neck joint of the ukulele and are great for ukuleles with two strap pins installed (all of our Mano and Kohala Deluxe models are built with two strap pins).


  • Levy’s 1″ wide cork ukulele strap.
  • Adjustable to 27″.
  • Two-ply natural cork ukulele/classical strap with chrome tan leather center and single hook sound-hole attachment. Black plastic loop and slide hardware. Adjustable to 27″.
  • Made in Nova Scotia, Canada