Who is Uke Night?

Uke Night was created by the Calgary-based company Honolua Ukuleles as a result of our desire to encourage more people to learn an instrument and play more music. And of course, we want to do this in a fun and relaxed environment that encourages team building, bonding, and an overall great time.

It's our belief that there are lots of people out there who wish they could play the guitar, or drums, or tuba (maybe not as many of these), but it can be a daunting task. 

Between the cost of a decent instrument and music lessons and finding the time to learn and practice, it's easy to understand why learning an instrument becomes a New Year's resolution that falls by the wayside. 

Ukulele is the most accessible entry point into learning to play an instrument. They are small, inexpensive, portable and have become hugely popular — we want to bring ukuleles and the feelings that come with playing them to more people.

We developed our experience to illustrate just how easy it can be to learn to play ukulele, and that it doesn't need to be done in a stuffy studio lesson.  

Music brings people together. We bring people together to make music.

Honolua Ukuleles was founded in Calgary, Alberta, in 2017. The goal was to design ukuleles with premium features at affordable prices, and we’re proud to say it’s a goal we’ve accomplished. 

We want anyone who wants to learn how to play the ukulele to learn on a real instrument, not a toy like many of the models found in music stores and online. Through our ultra-popular Uke Nights, this is another goal we’re proud to have reached.

Giving back is important to us, too. Through our partnership with nonprofit One Tree Planted, we have pledged to plant a tree for every ukulele we sell.

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