We just take a group of people with little or no musical experience and meld you into a happy ukulele band, learning about 10 well known songs in as little as an hour.

No, we hold events any time of day or night.  Well, maybe not between the hours of, say, 2 AM and 7 AM.  We aren't at our most musical then.

A great attitude and nimble fingers.  We provide every participant with a ukulele and everything else you'll need for the event.  If it's being held somewhere that has food or beverages for sale, bring some money for that.

Sure!  If you've got a ukulele already that you want to dust off and get comfortable with, bring it along.  Just don't be offended if we tell you we think you'll have more success using one of ours.

We offer Uke Night as a 60, 90, and 120 minute event.  Most public events are two hours and include some time for socializing, eating, drinking, etc.

It depends how advanced you are.  Uke Night is designed for people with little to no musical experience, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it!

First, you probably aren't.  We've met some pretty musically challenged folks doing this, and yet, everyone experiences some level of success.  We do all learn at a different pace so some advance faster than others, but we guarantee you'll leave not feeling hopeless anymore at the very least.

We are usually playing about 10 songs by the end, in a variety of genres and from different eras, and while we don't want to give them all away, we promise there will be songs you love.  Let's just say our goal is to go from zero to "Don't Stop Believin".

The current program is not designed specifically for kids, but we will have a kids program up and running soon!

A space with enough room for everyone... and that's about it.  We do have a Powerpoint presentation that helps with the teaching so AV or a TV that can connect to a laptop is helpful, but we can also bring a projector and screen.  We can work out the finer points when you reach out to us.

No, we love to travel, give us an excuse!  Contact us and let's see what we can do.

We have some great resources for choosing the right ukulele over at our Honolua Ukuleles page. We have an easy, 4-step Buyer's Guide that will help you make the right decision or you can just take our Meet Your Match quiz and the questions will guide you to the perfect choice.